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  • Anti-skid and Sound-proof Function of Needle-punched Non-woven Carpet
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  With the continuous improvement of living standards, carpets can be seen everywhere in the home and office, carpet materials are various and functions are different. Today, Zhicheng Xiaobian introduces you a needle-punched non-woven carpet as a base cloth, which is environmentally friendly, practical, easy to clean, and affordable.

  Carpets are often used in family houses or office places. Their functions are sound insulation, anti-skid and anti-fall. Common colors are red, black and gray. Needle-punched non-woven fabrics are used as the base material. They are made of synthetic fibers through needle-punching process. They can be combined with silica gel, or with secondary rubber-penetrating process. They can be made into rigid and anti-skid carpet cloth.

  Needle-punched nonwovens are used as carpets not only for skid resistance, but also for sound insulation。 Half of the household applications are laid on stairs or bedrooms, which can effectively suppress the invasion of noise and improve the comfort of the sleeping environment。 In the use of office, it is generally used as wall sound insulation material。 The application of sound insulation blanket in the wall can ensure the privacy and quiet office environment of the office。

  Needle-punched nonwovens are widely used。 If you are interested in other functions of needle-punched nonwovens, you can directly consult Zhicheng Fiber Website Online Customer Service。 Customer Service will give you an immediate answer。 If you are purchasing needle-punched nonwovens, you can also dial the business telephone on the website to make a quick quotation for you。

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